WisconsinI visited Wisconsin a few years ago to attend a friends wedding in gorgeous Elkhart Lake. A few business trips had taken me to Milwaukee a few years earlier and I wasn’t too impressed. However, it was winter and the Brewers lost so what was I expecting? But my wedding trip and visit to my friends farm over changed my perception of the dairy state. Elkhart Lake is a small village best known for hosting road races in the 1950s. It’s still a popular place for road racing, but now on an official track called Road America just south of the village. The wedding weekend I was there they had a classic Porsche car show.  I’m not a car buff, but it was still cool to see all the different styles and colors the Porsche enthusiasts had worked so hard to preserve.

The name Elkhart Lake came from Native Americans because the shape of the lake resembles the shape of an elks heart. Now its a sleepy little place with a few large resorts and smaller hotels and B&B’s. A great place to spend the weekend antiquing, swimming and relaxing. Destination weddings can be fun, when a large group sort of takes over the place. Everyone goes off to do there own thing but you see friendly familiar faces everywhere you go.

WisconsinAfter the wedding, I hit the road for several hours to Spring Green to visit some friends who bought a farm there. Fun fact: the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born nearby and made his stamp there with the infamous Taliesin Estate. It’s quite a site to see. More on that later. The drive over to Spring Green was filled with rolling green hills and picturesque dairy farms, some abandoned and others I assumed were still operational. One thing was for sure, there was enough dairy to go around in this great state.

A small village, Spring Green is about an hour from Madison. Mostly surrounded by farms with a small main street lined with restaurants, a bookstore, hardware store and antique shops and art galleries. My friends farm specialized in barnyard animals on the more rare side. The fainting goats were most memorable. Yes, these goats actually faint every few minutes. It’s amazing and hilarious. It’s almost as if, all is going well, and they just doze off and faint, then pop right back up. Not the best evolutionary trait, but hey, they’re still around.

WisconsinThe weekend was spent milling about the farm and eating the best eggs I have ever had. They were fresh eggs, of course. Most of the food we ate was locally sourced and amazing. It was Whole Foods in real-life. We walked over to a neighbors small farm where they had a clay pottery studio and produced beautiful dishes and other works of art. I’m still kicking myself for not buying a mug (I was too afraid I’d break it on my flight home). Maybe I’ll go back one day, or at least not hesitate to buy something I like while traveling.

Have you been to Wisconsin? Sampled the tasty cheese curls? No? Well, you’re missing out! Pack your bags and head there before winter, when its quite different – good in other ways I suppose (if snow is your thing).


Elkhart Lake

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Spring Green

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  1. Wow this is very beautiful place i am living in United States now. But my husband and I never been to this place yet. Would love to go someday.

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