Attending the BlogPaws pet conference in Washington D.C. in about 6 hours. I must get some sleep. Of course I waited until the very last minute to pack, had to take the boys to overnight doggy camp. I don’t like them to see me pack, Eli gets especially nervous. Aubry is still such an opportunistic pup who loves change, he gets excited when the wind blows. I miss my boys already, but I know they’ll have fun at CageFree K9 Camp with all the other dogs. Plus I feel honored to have a job that sends me to cool animal rescue oriented events like BlogPaws.

It also helps that Eli told me (telepathically of course) he would be a good big bro and keep Aubry out of trouble.

Aubry told me, “ahggghh googlyyygaaa bahbahbhaa” and half kissed and bit my face. Typical. His way of saying ‘safe travels, pal’.

I’m looking forward to my trip, even though it’s work and not a vacation. I haven’t been to DC since 5th grade (safety patrol trip). Sure hope I remember everything. Will I see the Obamas? Maybe I’ll see a bill become a law?

Who knows, I plan to take lots of pictures (you guys know how I enjoy my historical travel posts).

Ok…must sleep…see you on the other side….

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