Writing Ready for another fun writing exercise? What? you don’t do creative writing drills? They are so fun! OK, take 5 minutes (just 5) and write about “If I were a vegetable, I would be…” No editing. Write what comes to your mind first. Most important, have fun!

Just to be clear, you are writing about if YOU were a vegetable, not if Chad was a vegetable.

Here is mine (since I’m sure the suspense is killing you):

If I were a vegetable I would be a squash, a yellow squash because that is what I thought of just now. I like yellow, it’s a good color.

Squash is good raw, with dipping sauce. Its ok steamed too, with pepper.

What would my squash name be? Squashy is just too obvious? Or is it? Let us see.

Hello, is Squashy home? Can Squashy come to the movies? Meet our new head of accounts, Squashy, he’s very creative! Oh Squashy, you broke my heart you dumb son-of-a-bitch!! You had enough yet Squashy? You gonna give up yet you ol rubber neck fool!

Oh Squashy, you just take on the flavors of those around you, you got no real flavor of your own, and you’re a mimic veg! Death to Squashy! Long live Zucci!! Zucchini. Zucci?? Really? Oh give it up, green vegetables are so boring.




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