Ummm, St. Louis has the Arch and stuff…

OK…I may have not been the biggest fan of St. Louis. Maybe it started with my check-in to a downtown hotel at 9 p.m. when the staff told me

“Hello sir, downtown St. Louis isn’t like a lot of other cities, it really isn’t safe to travel around alone downtown and nothing is open. We suggest you stay inside and order room service.”


I was there for work, so no biggie. Worked with the St. Louis Cardinals on a project, they were amazing. My room had a nice view of the Arch, which was impressive. I saw that Arch and I knew I had to play tourist and go to the top.

I walked over and explored the museum beneath the Arch and took some pictures. Kind of snoozy, just my opinion. The ride to the top was via these 4-seat pods…I never even know people went up to the top of the thing. Nice views, to be expected.

Would I choose St. Louis as my next vacay spot? Probably not…but Im glad I can say I’ve been there and I would explore more of the city if I was there again for some reason. Go cards!

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