Solo travel can broaden your mind. I’ve been many places within the United States (plans for more trips abroad are at the top of my ‘to do’ list – budgets pending). I have driven from Florida to California three times, hitting Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Good times. I have been to NYC and Chicago twice (each), both on business. The energy of NYC is incredible, like no other place I’ve been (most similar to Las Vegas, but more responsible). Hawaii and Sedona, Arizona are on my wish list.

international Locations

Internationally I’ve only been to Australia and Mexico. My travels took me to Sydney, Australia in 2005 for a week, it was amazing. By far the cleanest city I have been to. The Ozzie folks are also very friendly. I went alone, mainly because it was a spur of the moment trip I wanted to get in before starting a new job. I highly recommend solo travel, not all the time, as sharing a trip with friends can make it more fun and memorable. Just don’t be afraid to go alone. The world may not be as scary as you think, research is key.

My wish list includes:  Japan, Bali, Scotland, Thailand, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Peru and Argentina.

Any recommendations on where I should visit? Where is your favorite place?

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