Thailand TripFigured I would do a little “Throw Back Thursday” (or #TBT as the kids say) about my Thailand trip several years ago (2008). It was such a good time. I found a great deal through Gate 1 Travel – I know, I know…you’re thinking “Chad, you old man” getting on one of those “tour” vacations. Well, first – I like the tours. Second, it wasn’t like that and there was a good mix of people/ages – quite a few were around my age, and yes we are still friends on Facebook. Anyway, back to my trip. If you are thinking of making a trip to this wonderful mysterious land, I say go for it! Why did I go? I love Thai food, really. OK, this wasn’t my entire reason for the trip but it was a big part of it.

Why Thailand?

When I moved to L.A. in 2000, I started eating lots of Thai take out. Fun fact: Los Angeles has the largest population of Thai people living outside of Thailand. So, needless to say they have an amazing Thai food scene. Falling in love with the food made me look more at the country. Another deciding factor for me was affordability. There are amazing prices – the airfare there from the US will be your biggest expense. The food and accommodations available are top notch, took lots of pictures and I like taking pictures, can you tell?

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For some visual inspiration…here are some of my favorite photos below. Have you been to Thailand? Tell us about your experience…


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