Reincarnation is an interesting topic. I believe we have past lives and are always returning to learn so we can become better souls, get closer to God / Source / Universe. However, this book is creeping me out, but I can’t stop reading it. “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton, PH. D. is about souls and reincarnation. Newton hypnotize’s people, spiritual hypnotherapy (not quite sure what that means), and learns about their souls and past lives (aka past life regressions). This isn’t a fiction book. It starts out innocently enough, what happens after you die, how souls recuperate before choosing a new human body, what lessons will the soul learn this time, you know, the soul basics. I’d be interested to learn about my past lives.

Here are a few things Newton finds out for his patients:

  • Our purpose on Earth
  • Soul mates and spirit guides
  • Spiritual settings and where souls go after death
  • Soul travel between lives
  • Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living
  • The soul-brain connection
  • Why we choose certain bodies

Then the book enters a bit of a dark phase, and I just can’t put it down. It seems, according to Dr. Newton, that some souls who do terribly awful things (murder, mayhem, produce reality tv, etc.) here on earth are actually alien souls. Yes, souls of aliens from planets that are either inhospitable to them or they aren’t welcome there. So they travel to earth to be reincarnated. Weird, but it does explain some freaky deaky people on our planet. Oh I love science fiction! I just hope this isn’t Scientology and I have instantly joined just by reading this, they are sneaky, allegedly. I need to keep reading, sorry this isn’t a book review, more like a book tease. More to come.


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