SedonaI can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about magical Sedona, Arizona. Just a short drive from Phoenix, the flat desert terrain turns to stunning red rock formations lunge out of the earth creating an otherworldly site. The road winds up and down and all around with the red rocks growing in size. I was in need of an escape after leaving a mentally challenging unfulfilling job. Questioning not only my career path, but my life path. Self doubt chatter rattled my brain. Was I living in the right place? Am I overweight? Will my next job bring me joy? Did I own the right car? Why was I still single? You know, all the insecurities that bubble to the surface when you leave a job.

I, like many Americans, place a heavy importance on my career. When that gets rattled, everything seems to get rattled. Could Sedona heal me? Did I need healing? No, as it turned out I just needed some perspective.

Sedona is a bit hard to explain. Rich with Native American history, it’s a gorgeous town nestled in Red Rock Country with awe-inspiring views at every turn. Spa enthusiasts, hikers, foodies, artists, runners, cyclists, thrill seekers, photographers, shopaholics, seekers, musicians, healers, psychics, shamans and stressed out businessmen like me all have a Sedonaplace here. There is a special energy in Sedona, and I’m not just saying that. Energy vortexes are scattered throughout the area, similar to Bali, Peru and Egypt. An energy vortex is a spot where the earth’s energy is increased, providing self-awareness and healing (if you believe in that sort of thing, which I do).

Whatever you believe, the beauty of Sedona makes it a humbling place. Even though I can’t say for certain if I “felt” any different from the energy, but the warm dry desert air gave me a very calm spa-like feeling throughout my trip. Or maybe it was the energy vortexes? Does it matter?

Months prior, Google searches on Sedona to plan my “perfect” trip led me to Sedona Soul Adventures. While it seemed a bit pricey, it offered everything a spiritual junkie like me could ever want. They specialize in personalized spiritual retreats, customizing an itinerary with various healers catering to your specific needs. I’m all about efficiency and the thought of going to a new place and trying to find random healers to fix whatever I think is wrong with me. See my dilemma? Exactly, why not turn it over to the spiritual pros. I had a phone consultation a couple weeks before so they could create my adventure. Think of it as a mini-counseling session where I repeat all my uncertainties about life (see paragraph one).

SedonaAccommodations in Sedona range from ultra luxurious to super simple. I chose simple super, a small 1950s motel called Sugar Loaf Lodge. It was quiet and clean right in the center of town. It served as a perfect home base for my metaphysical adventure. One funny thing about Sedona, besides having more crystal shops than Starbucks, is that spiritual healing is the primary form of tourism. Sure, you can book wild jeep rides through the Red Rocks and helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon but all the racks of brochures you come across are filled with colorful psychics, energy healers, colonics, juice cleanses, past-life regression and deals for aura reading photos. It’s a trip, literally.

My days were well planned out by Sedona Soul Adventures, not too busy with just enough time for me to checkout the local sites and take pictures. As far as the sessions I had with various healers, oh those are private and something you really have to experience for yourself. I can tell you it was an amazing experience that helped re-center me and boost my confidence before I started my new job. Between a Vedic astrology reading, shaman journey, healing sound meditation and a few other sessions I can’t quite explain, I left Sedona feeling a lot lighter and steady.

Things to Do

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

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Airport Vortex Hiking Trails

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Chapel of the Holy Cross

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Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.

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