Dogs in Sayulita could not be ignored on this trip to Mexico. Being a dog-lover, it was a bit heartbreaking.

Luckily there is an animal rescue organization called SayulitAnimals trying to make  difference. Sayulita is full of dogs roaming free. Some have collars, some don’t. All were friendly but only being fed via random bowls of food left out here and there.


About SayulitAnimals

SayulitAnimals was originally founded to provide medical assistance, population control and protection for street animals in Sayulita, Mexico. Originally a quiet fishing town, as Sayulita’s local, ex-pat, tourist and transitory population began to grow. The numbers of unwanted dogs and cats rapidly increased, creating needless animal suffering.


To moderate the situation, people began poisoning animals. Throwing unwanted litters into the river and the jungle. Sometimes even leaving animals tied up without food or water to slowly die alone. In retaliation, dogs became packs and controlled entire streets. People became fearful of dogs.

A concerned, lifetime animal lover, Sara Briner was already running a small assistance program called Perritos Merecen Mas. With the hope that one day it could assist more animals than just those she could house, she asked for support from the community. This alliance and hard work produced what is now known as SayulitAnimals.

Results so far

In its first year of operation, SayulitAnimals neutered 360 animals. Found over 40 animals loving, new homes, and placed nearly 30 animals in foster care as they awaited their fur-ever homes. There was also a visible difference in the health of unplaced, street dogs and cats, and community awareness of the operation began to grow as well.

How You Can Help 

In order to provide high quality medical care to the dogs and cats of Sayulita, we need up-to-date x-ray technology as well as automated lab-testing equipment. This will allow us to give immediate and precise treatment to animals in emergency circumstances. Training on the equipment will be required as well.

Whether you are a visitor to, or a resident of our lovely town, please join us in helping fulfill our mission to make Sayulita a world where dogs, cats and humans can all live healthy and happy lives!

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