Coffee has betrayed me. First off, I have to say I hate being sick. Who likes being sick anyway? My sleep is all off…but alas, it has brought me back to my blog (lucky you)…so I wanted to fill you in on my latest attempt to quit java…ohh she’s a siren.

Coffee brought me great joys…I can’t say our affair is over for sure…but we’re definitely taking a “break” for now. Without going into too much detail, my recent resurgence of tummy aches has urged my doctor to ‘suggest’ I give up caffeine…”just for a month or so…give it a go…see of it helps.” I looked at him like he was the homeless man I usually see urinating at my bus stop. Shocked, appalled, disbelief!

Next Steps

After I calmed down, I thought about all the great things people said about quitting caffeine. “It’s great after the withdrawal headaches stop…I sleep much better and my concentration seems better too.” All the same kinds of responses. So I figured, why not, I was only drinking maybe 3 cups max a day…how bad could it be?

I wake up Saturday and just drank water. The intense migraine headaches started at noon…I took two Alleve to no avail. I was in a foul state of mind, would take any calls or meet anyone in fear I’d rip their heads off with my negative super power mind control. How could something that brought me such joy betray me like this? Caffeine…say it ain’t so you vixen! I took a nap from 3-7pm…then went to bed at 10pm and slept like a baby. The next week was OK but sluggish. I didn’t run any marathons or run for senate.

OK…5 days later I started drinking JOE again. Guess I fell off the coffee wagon. It happens. Starbucks is what it is for a reason.

I may quit again if my tummy doc insists…but for now its working for me…

Tell me…what’s your experience with coffee (aka the black nectar of the Gods)?

One thought on “Quitting Caffeine? Coffee? Really?

  1. I am not willing to give up coffee. There are many things that I can do without, but coffee is not one of them. I like coffee, the smell, the taste, and it is satisfying. Now that winter is approaching and just holding the warm mug is pleasant, coffee is even more appealing.

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