PittsburghI love Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, Iv only been here on two business trips but it was enough for me to get a glimpse of this historic steel baron built metropolis. I plan to get back one day to explore all the unique neighborhoods and museums. The downtown area, where I have stayed each time, is easy to navigate. The steel may have dwindled since its hay days, but the city is finding new ways to stay alive. Technology and banking lead the way now, as well as 68 colleges and universities, including the famed Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. Lots of smart people call Pittsburgh home.

Steel built this city of bridges (446 total), and it’s evident everywhere you look. Set at the center of the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers, you see why so many bridges were needed. Pittsburgh is a lot more hilly and green than I imagined (although my recent photos were during winter, so not much green). Beautiful turn of the century buildings are now towered by modern skyscrapers downtown. But take a drive out to the North Side to see some architectural wonders. While its an incredibly American city, it feels different than any other city Iv visited.



South Side has an industrial past but the secret is out and its being revitalized. Highland Park is where you can feast your eyes on Victorian, Edwardian, Tudor and Craftsman styles homes. Mexican War Streets neighborhood will feed any artistic cravings you have with colorful row houses and quirky museums. The locals of the Regent Square area near Frick Park (the largest in the metro area) will welcome you with open arms and tree lined streets filled with cafes, museums and hip consignment shops.

If you’re fancy, the East End may be your cup of tea. Lots of neighborhoods fall within the East End, including Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze. Old and new money intermingle to create a safe and easy way of life with lots of shopping, food and entertainment at your fingertips. Last but not least of my tour is East Liberty. It may be the hippest area, and most recently resurged. Lots of the successful tech companies and their employees call this area home. As you can imagine, great coffee and food have found there way here as well.

My parting words…don’t count Pittsburg out! Its a fun place with more to offer than you may think. Have you been to Pitts? What’s your favorite spot in the city?

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