PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, the city of brotherly love, named from Greek words (phileo) “to love” and (adelphos) “brother”. It’s also the only World Heritage City in America. Admittedly, I had no desire to visit Philly but a work event brought me here so I took advantage of some free time. Lucky enough to stay at a hotel off Walnut Street near the famed Liberty Bell, I got my camera and hit the streets. I travel often for work and don’t aways use my free time this wisely. The weather wasn’t great, but my work event did. So when I say I had no desire to come to Philly, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to come. Philadelphia was just never on my radar. Maybe because American History was beaten into my brain through all the years of school.

Don’t get me wrong, I love America, it’s my home. I just thought I knew all there was to know and as much as I like history, early American History bored me. Luckily, Philadelphia sparked something in me. Walking around Independence Park, in the rain, standing where all these great people stood helped develop this great country we have today. Politics aside, current news cycle aside, this is still a great land built on the basis of freedom. It hasn’t been a perfect road, no doubt. The awful dark history of African American salves proves this imperfection. People got greedy and selfish, pretty common human behaviors.

PhiladelphiaThe good news in, things have gotten better. Slavery became illegal. Capitalism and democracy got married and our cities flourished. Philadelphia had its ups and downs. Walking around the city I can see the competition with New York City in the architecture. Neck and neck for a while, with Philadelphia throwing in the towel in the early 1900s. This was just my thought as I walked the streets of this historical urban masterpiece, Wikipedia and many other sources have the real facts. Facts didn’t matter to me then, no time for an official guided tour.

Harp & Crown
Harp & Crown Restaurant

The city center and old town were bustling. Great restaurants and shops scattered throughout makes it a very walkable downtown. Buses filled with school kids line the streets, pouring out into lines for the coveted field trip. Rain was no problem, being out of class for the day is a fair trade. Tourism surrounding these historic American relics has likely saved this city from worse fates. I pass Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. I imagine the inside to be a feast for the historians eyes.

Outdoor photos would have to do for me today. Although I missed steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant run in the film “Rocky”, I know I’ll be back one day to spend some more time and explore. I got time to take photos, eat a great meal at Harp & Crown, witness a successful work event and eat a delicious Philly cheesesteak (that may have exploded all over my jacket in the car). What more could I ask for?

Photo tour of Philadelphia:

Philadelphia has much more to offer, this trip was just a tease. I’ll be back. Have you been to Philly? What’s your favorite spot? Tell us in the comments below.

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