Maybe this post should be called “Blog Post Long Overdue”. Yes, it has been awhile since I have posted. What can I say, I’ve been busy binge watching various TV series on Netflix, HBO, HULU, Showtime and PBS. Yes, PBS. More on that later. OK, so Tv isn’t all I’ve been doing anyway, I did take an amazing trip to Peru and have some super cool photos to share, so lets start there.


Disclaimer: I’m not a travel blogger. This post isn’t meant to be a step-by-step guide to your next adventure in South America. But who knows, maybe it will inspire you to go and provide some give you some helpful tips. As you may know, I’m all about inspiring others (not meant to sound sarcastic, really).


Here goes…


PERU / July 24 – August 4, 2015


Why Peru? Well, to be honest I originally wanted to go to Bali but my friend Jerry convinced me to go to Peru with him and I figured, why not, shorter flight and an overall less expensive trip. I also heard magical things about Matchu Pitchu so why not. My point is, Peru was never really on my radar. I didn’t dream of going but I also didn’t NOT want to go. Travel is about adventure and I was up for just about anywhere (except the Middle East, thanks to binge watching Homeland on Showtime, but I digress). Thus began month of obsessive ravel planning and itinerary planning (the Virgo in me really comes out, especially when traveling to a foreign country).


Below is a snapshot of our itinerary. I have decided to expand upon each location in my upcoming posts, to keep your attention (let’s face it, nobody can get through really long blog posts these days).




Lima – July 24-27

AirBNB ($95 per night) – Tip: AirBNB is AMAZING – I have had nothing but good luck and there is no better way to feel “part of the place” you are visiting. I always go with properties that have a lot of positive ratings.


Morning AIR to Cusco -à TRAIN to Agua Caliente


Agua Caliente – July 27-28

Taypikala Machu Picchu hotel ($190 per night)


Matchu Pitchu – July 28


IMG_4883TRAIN to Cusco


Cusco – July 28 – 29

AirBNB ($65 per night)


FLIGHT to Lake Titikaka / Puno – July 30-Aug 1


Puno – July 30-Aug 1

Casa Andina Classic – Puno ($75 per night) –


1 day – Amantani Island + 1 meals


This day trip gave us the chance to experience the magnificence of Lake Titicaca. We visited two different islands and got a nice perspective of life on Lake Titicaca. Amantani Island was a place full of living culture where we got to experience up close the reality of rural life in Peru and by dining with an authentic local family.


FLIGHT to Lima on Aug 1-4


Lima on Aug 1-4

Air BnB ($95 per night)


Want more details….more to come!



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  1. I guess you should come back and we must do the trip together with new choices there is plenty more that you must see but that was a nice trip!! Hope you to come back! ^^

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