Perhaps: Used to express uncertainty or possibility; when one does not wish to be too definite or assertive in the expression of an opinion.

How many of you feel this way about your passion in life? Your true passion? Or do you feel this way about life in general? A bit indecisive, not knowing quite which path to take. Do you feel yourself teetering back and forth between happiness and sadness, joy and hate, hope and despair? Dramatic, huh? Well, we humans do tend to be dramatic. I don’t think my dogs feel this way (or if they do, a tennis ball or treat changes everything immediately). If only life could be that simple.



The reality is, for many of us humans, it’s so much easier to be noncommittal. It’s what we’re used to. To make a true commitment to anything in life takes real guts, whether you know it or not. The challenge to race your buddy on the playground at age eight or to marry your sweetheart (for better or worse)…these commitments are one in the same. Sure the outcomes are much different, but the jumping off point, that decision to commit, it takes the same brain power.

Do you have it in you to commit to being your best advocate? Expressing your true self to the world the way you were meant to? Sharing your vision with the world? Showing up in life? Remove fear from your mind and exude confidence?

X-men Perhaps

I always though the coolest X-men power to have would be the power of “persuasion”…shocking coming from a PR guy, I know. Think about it, you could really have anything you want, but you’d have to be smart about it. Its not one of those go in and smash them up kind of powers, but no less powerful. I chose public relations as a career because I enjoy communicating with people, writing, solving problems and educating. PR does all of these things (and then some).

I also believe each of us has a primary purpose to share our passions with the world, whatever those passions may be. Unfortunately, most of us get sidetracked…life is too short for that.

What’s Your Passion?

I have found myself with a bit more time on hands…and I plan to use it wisely. Writing is a passion of mine, most of it never leaves the many spiral bound notebooks perched here and there around my apartment. That will change. Why? How? I have identified my own worst critic: ME. Well, a part of me, his name is Bert (no I’m not schizophrenic, I just named my inner critic, ego, whatever you wanna call it). Bert deserves his own post, more on that later.

Maybe you can relate? Do you need of a little jumpstart in your life? A little self-promotion? I truly believe anyone can utilize public relations tools to help boost self-esteem, confidence, vitality, purpose, vision, clarity and compassion in their life. How can a person use PR to obtain these things? It’s fairly simple, anyone can become their very own publicist and change their life. I know, I hear you saying, “Oh I’m not good at talking about myself.” No kidding! Not many people are. Sure you know those ego driven people who boast about every little thing they do.

Take some time to really look at this type of person, I’ll bet they lack more self-confidence than you do!


Public relations is all about subtleties, you want people to perceive you in a positive light naturally, not because you screamed in their face, “LOOK HOW GREAT I AM!!” Nobody wants that. I know…I know…the Kardashians do exist, but you know its because of the train wreck appeal (don’t get me wrong, I love these gals as much as anyone…Khloe is my fav, but that’s another blog post).

Stay tuned in if you want to learn more. Maybe this will become a book…maybe a series of blog posts…maybe a movie starring Gary Busey…who knows. The possibilities are endless! Regardless of the vehicle, you WILL learn how to use good ol fashioned PR to better your own life, just stick with me kid. Are you ready to take the plunge? PeRhaps?

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