passionPassion: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

I have mentioned the word passion a lot in my recent posts. I used to be confused by this word, although I didn’t know it. I thought it was either referring to sex or crazy people. The sex association is easy enough. The reason I associated it with crazy people is because I found the word misused to describe those “passionate” about XYZ. In business, it can be very politically correct to describe crazy people as passionate.

How many times have you heard “yes, I know he can be difficult he’s just passionate about ” It’s a bummer even the definition has a negative connotation, to passionately ‘hate’ something is lame. Well the confusion ends here.


I want to share an excerpt from an amazing book by Lynn Grabhorn called, “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting“, where she eloquently writes about this. This hit the nail on the head for me. I highly recommend the book, which is about the law of attraction. I know, I know you’re thinking of The Secret. I did too. I don’t want to bag on The Secret, I’m sure it helped many people. Here’s the deal, law of attraction is all about positive thinking and feeling. Done. That’s it.

Powerful thoughts

If you get all scientific about it, things may get murky. Keep it simple. Think about happy stuff, don’t focus on negativity or lack of. Even the thought of ‘I wanna lose weight’ has some negativity. Instead, try to think ‘I want to be healthy, feel great and weigh XXX pounds’ and see how that works for you. Envision what you ‘ll look and feel like at your goal weight. Think abundance and your life is sure to be abundant, just maybe not the way you thought it would be.

Ahh, but it’s so hard for us to think positive thoughts consistently through the day. I know. So many books, articles, blog posts, etc. will continue to be created on this topic as reminder for us. It’s all good, maybe one day it’ll sink in. If you read anything about law of attraction and simply wished for millions of dollars and world peace, then immediately got angry when these things didn’t come to be, you’re missing the point entirely.

In the meantime, read the following and be inspired:

passionExcuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting“, pages 141-142:

Passion. We’ve talked a lot about it. It’s one of those words that sounds great, but what does it mean? How do we get it? And do we really need it? Here’s your clue: passion is created! Contentment is swell, but passion makes it happen. Contentment is an open valve, a nice safe haven with no negative focus, a place of rest. But passion makes it happen. Passion is living. Passion is creation. Passion is about feeling your power. When negative conditions pop up for whatever reason (as they always will because we require the contrast), instead of talking about how tough things are, dig down and feel your power. You’re not only connecting to the force of well-being, you are that force. That force is Life. That force is passion. And passion is creation.

Passion comes from excitement of having something in the making. Contentment, on the other hand, comes from looking at something already achieved, more like a satisfaction. Contentment is positive energy, true, but it’s not a fuel; it won’t take you any place. It is not an energy of creation. If you think your lacking this most intoxicating of feelings, passion, check to see if you’re still talking about or focused on a Don’t Want. There’s not a Don’t Want in the universe that can evoke passion, for all the Don’t Wants will ever get you is negative energy, closed valves, greater resistance, and more Don’t Wants.

So here’s yet another reason for giving more time to your Want, for the more time you spend on it, the more passionate you will become. And passion is creation. Passion doesn’t mean rah-rah cheerleading, or spastically bouncing off walls. Sure, passion comes in various degrees of excitement and enthusiasm, but more important, passion is a strong inner knowing. It’s a quiet sureness that life no longer has you by the ear lobes, and that the tiger you’re holding by the tail is actually you!

You want more passion? Then follow your joy! Go smell more roses, watch more sunsets, find more grass to walk barefoot on, visit more favorite restaurants, laugh more, find more places to explore, go to more ball games or plays, indulge in more hobbies, be more spontaneous, play more golf, listen to more music, find more places to skinny-dip, smile more, have more fun. Now you’re vibrating in open-valve passion. And passion is creation.

Tell us, what will you do to entice your passion today? Tomorrow? This weekend? Inspire us!

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