Oscar AwardsWhat did you thing of the Oscar Awards this year? I wasn’t a big fan. Happy to see Leo (finally) won, he is a talented actor. However, I felt like the overall theme of the show was “making fun of the lack of diversity issue”.  A few jokes here and there is one thing, but it was too much of a common thread. One ay there will be some kind of evolution of the Oscars, most young people I know don’t care about it and rarely know the movies up for Best Picture. It’s been this way for awhile. Admittedly, I didn’t even see many of the films up for awards this year. I did see Spotlight and didn’t think it was bad by any means, I just left feel like I’d seen a documentary, not an entertaining movie.


Hollywood and the entrainment industry is important to our culture and has the ability to tell amazing stories and truly change the world. Not everyone will always be pleased. I’m optimistic we, as a human race, will figure it all out and provide more balance. Our world is changing, we have to keep up.

Now for some uplifting Oscar quotes…

Oscar Awards


Oscar Awards Oscar Awards

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