Nuʻuanu Pali Lookout was beautiful and windy, but the view made it all worthwhile.

Best Views on O’ahu

The Nuuanu Pali Lookout (“Cool Height Cliff”) overlooks the 985 foot cliffs of the Koolau Mountain Range. It was here in 1795 that King Kamehameha and his warriors defeated the O’ahu armies. They were sent over these steep, forested cliffs. He then claimed his victory and united the Hawaiian Islands. The breathtaking sight and the gruesome history of the battle fought here is enough to cause a chill.

The Nuʻuanu Pali has been a vital pass from ancient times to the present day. It’s low, traversable section of the Koʻolau mountain range is vital. It connects the leeward side of the mountains, Honolulu to the windward side, Kailua and Kāneʻohe. The route drew settlers who formed villages in the area and populated Nuʻuanu Valley for a thousand years.

About Nuʻuanu Pali

The Nuʻuanu Pali was the site of the Battle of Nuʻuanu, one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian history. Kamehameha I conquered the island of Oʻahu, bringing it under his rule. In 1795 Kamehameha I sailed from his home island of Hawaiʻi with an army of 10,000 warriors, including a handful of non-Hawaiian foreigners.

After conquering the islands of Maui and Molokaʻi, he moved on to Oʻahu. The pivotal battle for the island occurred in Nuʻuanu Valley. There, the defenders of Oʻahu, led by Kalanikūpule, were driven back up into the valley where they were trapped above the cliff. More than 400 of Kalanikūpule’s soldiers were driven off the edge of the 1,000-foot cliff to their deaths.

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