I have decided to shift gears a bit and start a new blog called Darwinism’s …I hope you’ll come join me!

Darwinism’s is a blog showcasing my thoughts and feelings about this, that and the other! Sorry evolution or creation enthusiasts, this isn’t a site about Charles Darwin. My name happens to be Chad Darwin and Darwinism’s is a collection of my very own thoughts, experiences and concepts on various topics that interest me. Yes, I know this may sound vague right now, give me some time. This blog will be in constant evolution and will surely find its place in this world, much like me.

What’s in a name?

Just to clarify, check out the following definition of Darwinism to gain some perspective:

Darwinism is a set of movements and concepts related to ideas of transmutation of species or of evolution, including some ideas with no connection to the work of Charles Darwin The meaning of “Darwinism” has changed over time, and varies depending on who is using the term.

To set the record straight, I have no idea if I’m really related to Charles Darwin. After doing some research on Ancestry.com and it looks like the line of Darwin’s I’m from moved to America about 10-20 years before Charles Darwin was born (his first or second uncle). So maybe I’m a cousin 16 times removed?

Although I’m a spiritual guy who believes in God…I also lean towards the theory of evolution as well (come on, you gotta admit it makes more sense and it doesn’t mean there isn’t a God).

Truth be told, I also want to take advantage of the “evolution” connotation of my name because it really holds true to me. My hope is to always evolve and remain teachable. OK, just had to get that out there in the open. I hope you’ll come over and find what I have to say useful, funny and enlightening. I’d like nothing more than to use my humor and passion to educate and entertain you.

My dogs are sure to play a big roll as well (they are too darn insightful not to).

See you at Darwinisms.com !

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