I finally got a new iPhone. Very fancy, I know. Many of you in my vast audience have been following my saga with AT&T and the dreaded Blackberry over the years. I was fooling myself to think Blackberry was the right device for me…notice I say device and not smartphone. Lets face it, Blackberry isn’t a smartphone. Its simply a mobile bower email device.

The Blackberry Torch I had was…abysmal. I think the name did him in.

New iPhone

Torch? As in up in flames Torch? Ugh…my Blackberry Torch (aka Scaredy Torch) would freeze up if the wind changes. How many times I had to “shock” him by taking his batter out is beyond me.

And don’t get me started on AT&T and the terrible service the provide (you can of course read all about it HERE in my previous post).

New iPhone

So what has changes this past week? Well…I finally left AT&T. Yes, I am free. I won’t get into what finally did it, but lets just say it entailed a 45 minute conversation with an AT&T operator who could only try to simultaneously try and sell me U-verse and walk me step-by-stem on how to remove my batter from my Blackberry to “shock” it. Ugh.

Verizon is my new love…and of course…my new iPhone…I have lovingly named him Simon. He’s handsome, oh so smart, loves naps and long walks on the beach (as long as he’s far far from water)…the dogs love him too…it just feels “right”, ya know?

Without further ado…meet Simon….

New iPhone

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