FL - June 2012 042Ohh what can you say about kids? A lot I suppose. I spent time back home in Florida a few years ago with my family which included my nephews Sam, age 6 and Jack, age 8. My cousin Kaydyn, age 6 was also there part of the time. Three boys running around and having fun. Did you know kids at this age don‘t take naps?   Naps are for babies!   screamed Jack. I guess I‘m a baby – I love naps.

Kids are non-stop. They also have access to cartoons 24/7! Can you believe it? They have Cartoon Network,  Nickelodeon  and Disney Channel just to name a few. When I was a kid we had Saturday morning and sometimes after school for an hour. Don ‘t even get me started about the Internet. I asked them what they knew about the Internet, they each said it was a place where you could buy games. I guess that ‘s innocent enough.

We visited Legoland, a huge amusement park in Winter Haven, Florida. It was fun but would have been very creepy if we didn ‘t have the young kids with us. They have a water park attached so we got to beat the heat. I hadn ‘t played with Legos since I was a kid. I find them boring now. I ‘m such an adult. Jack showed me his latest Lego creation and I simply asked,   yeah but what does it DO?   He told me it was just Legos. I could tell they were much more to him and he had created an entire world around them, a world he couldn ‘t even articulate to a grown-up like me. I remember that feeling. Kids are creative without even trying. No time for  explanations they ‘ll have plenty of time for that.

I was reminded of the importance of creativity and   divergent thinking ‘ by a CNN story earlier this year that discussed the importance of creativity and how it touches all aspects of our lives:

The word   creativity,   in our society, tends to be applied to artistic endeavors. But divergent thinking is an essential part of everyday life, whether its navigating office politics or devising a new social-media network. When a toddler figures out that he can climb a strategically placed chair to reach a cookie on the kitchen counter, he has engaged in highly creative problem solving (to the chagrin of his parents).  

Humor is my favorite form of creativity.  Jokes are creative. Creating a joke. Telling a joke. The timing of a joke, the inflection and tone of voice used while telling a joke. All of this takes some creativity. Some are better joke tellers that others. My nephew Sam loves telling jokes, he told this one about zoo animals several times so I caught it on video:

Sam ‘s Zoo Joke

The excitement and authenticity Sam has while telling this joke really showcases what free spirits we are as kids. How many of us (adults) have forgotten how to be kids? Lots. How many jokes do you tell in a day? Week? Month?

Assignment: Tell at least two jokes this week. Be silly. Be a kid again.



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