Kailua BeachNo doubt, this was a highlight of my trip to Hawaii. Kailua Beach is one of Oahu’s most beautiful beaches. There are a ton of recreational activities (surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc).

A nice change from Honolulu (about an hour drive) and you really feel like you’re in a tropical destination. Or you can pretend you’re on LOST, if that’s your thing.

Kailua Beach

I know why Kailua Beach is often cited as Kailua BeachHawaii’s best beach. It was ranked as the finest American beach in 1998 and then “retired” from subsequent consideration (most likely to protect it). It is a crescent-shaped, about 2 miles long and 50-150 feet wide. The ocean bottom fronting the beach slopes gently to overhead depths without any coral heads.
There are many day-trip tours you can take to Kailua from Waikiki, definitely make the time!
Kailua BeachKailua Beach

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