We left Lima and flew to Cusco and hopped a train to Aguas Caliente at the base of the fabled Matchu Pitchu. It was suggested we do this to avoid altitude sickness (since Cusco is higher than Matchu Pitchu). It worked for me, but not for my friend who had insomnia and flu like symptoms for about two days.

Aguas Caliente


The train ride was a few hours and very scenic. We sat across two European girls backpacking through South America (very brave). One was from German and the other from Switzerland. They were nice and one was on a round the world ticket – she was travelling for a year. Seemed like a cool idea, not sure I could handle it – but maybe some day if I feel I need an Eat, Pray, Love experience.

The Village of Hills

We got to Aguas Caliente – known for its hot springs. Its an interesting little village that isn’t too old, mainly built for the mass of people coming to see Matchu Pitchu. Lots of hills and stairs, let me tell you – it was a great workout. There are some great places to eat, shop and get a massage. Not sure how reputable the massage places were so I skipped that part of the journey. The hotel was basic but nice enough. We rested up for Matchu Pitchu the next day…

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