Helemano Plantation
Helemano Plantation






A cool stop on the “Grand Circle Island Tour” was the Helemano Plantation. Founded by Mrs. Susanna F. Cheung, it provides a “real world” work environment for the developmentally disabled. Helemano Plantation offers training and employment opportunities in itsVisitors to the plantation can visit the gift shop, Country Inn Restaurant, bake shop and farm. A stroll through the garden is fun for kids. There are many colorful displays and small huts they can walk into.

About Helemano Plantation

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and offers two all-you-can-eat buffets. At the bake shop you’ll find bread puddings, homemade cookies, manapuas and other local treats.work centers. You will be able to visit the Country Inn Restaurant, Gateway to Asia, Gift Shop, Bake Shop, Farm, and Garden.

Helemano Plantation has been the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious National Community Service and Development Award of Excellence. The group envisioned a community that would provide a permanent and caring home, productive activity and encourage the optimal development of special people.

At Helemano Plantation, the warm smiling faces of the friendly staff greet you with a stroll through a Hawaiian Island garden. They offer a delicious buffet from the Country Inn Restaurant. Proceeds from the Gateway to Asia help the organization and it will meet your souvenir needs. Just think of all the  amazing gifts for yourself and friends back home.
They offer a great buffet lunch and great hospitality. I highly recommend.

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