I don’t know who this guy is, but he sure looks happy…happiness is a gift, glad photos can capture these moments for us. Let’s give him a story.

The Story

Ging had a lifelong dream to join the monastery. Growing up in Ventura county, California in the 1970s didn’t afford many Buddhist experiences. Music seems like the next best thing to find happiness, so Ging decided to practice guitar. He played until his fingers bled. This dedication landed him a scholarship to the most prestigious music program in California. From there, Ging met four other music students to form a band. Playing gigs in and around Los Angeles, this talented crew signed a record deal faster than any of them could imagine.

Eleven years passed before they knew it. Grammy awards and gold records adorned the walls of Ging’s Hollywood Hills pre-war contemporary home. Only one thing was missing in this wonderful dream. Happiness. What was it? Where could it be found? Early memories invaded Ging’s mind. Peace and tranquility were hidden in the far reaches of his brain. Memories of the monastery flooded in like the great Mississippi river after a great midwestern storm.

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