Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 5.47.48 PMI have a lot going on in my head today. The number 14 is looping around because it’s my 14th sober birthday today. Good stuff. Seems like a long time, yet not a long time. It flew by. I have done a lot of cool stuff in the last 14 years. Visited Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Peru and most of the greatest cities in the U.S. Adopted three (two of which I still have) amazing dogs. Grown in my career. Moved states. The list goes on. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m also excited about what’s to come.

I have been googling 14 and various strange things come up. The most interesting to me was Angel Numbers. I’m not really familiar with this practice, but I like what they said about 14...

Number 14 is a blend of the energies of the number 1 and number 4. Number 1 denotes initiative, new projects, attainment, success and fulfilment.  Number 4 resonates with working steadily towards goals and aspirations, truth and integrity, practicality, system and order. Number 14 is a number of balance, harmony, temperance and prudence. It also relates to self-initiation, unity, justice and independence and signifies enthusiasm coupled with determination.
Angel Number 14 is a message from the angels asking that you keep your focus,  positive affirmations and intentions on manifesting your goals and aspirationsAngel Number 14 can be a sign from your angels that they are there to assist you with manifesting your true desires.
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 5.48.19 PMAngel Number 14 is a message that if you act with caution and wisdom you will be successful in business, money matters and life in general.  Begin worthwhile projects that will bring long-term benefits and future success.
Angel Number 14 encourages progressive change, renewal and growth, and tells you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. It also tells you that what you put your efforts towards will reap rewards in the future.
The message of the Angel Number 14 can also be ‘careful what you wish for ….’

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