What can I say, I’m intrigued by fortune telling, psychics, tarot cards. Yes, mostly for entertainment, as I’m a natural skeptic. So for $10 (ok, it was $20), how could I refuse an authentic Chinese Fortune Telling while I was in Chinatown.


a little background on this art

Yes, art. Chinese fortune telling, better known as Suan ming (Chinese: 算命, literally “fate calculating”) has utilized many varying divination techniques throughout the dynastic periods. There are many methods still in practice in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong today, and they remain in use due to their accuracy and popularity. Over time, some of these concepts have moved into Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese culture under other names. For example “Saju” in Korea is the same as the Chinese four pillar method.

Now for the good stuff. So what did I learn about my future from this seemingly harmless, hard to understand 100 year old Chinese man?

Well, first he looked at my palm and face with a magnified glass and scribbles on this sheet of paper.

Honestly, I couldn’t understand most of what he was saying. I did get what he marked on the paper. He laughed and mumbled a lot.

Here is the gist of what I learned:

– 2011 and 2012 are not good years for me (boo).

– 2013 and 2014 is where things will take off for me, in finance and romance.

– I will marry in 2013 to someone between the ages of 25-30 (hmmmm).

– I will have 2-5 kids and must start by 2016 or 2017 (no pressure).

– My best months for luck are May, June, July, August and November (at least this year).

– I am a Dragon – Honest, sensitive, and brave.

– I match well with the following Chinese horoscopes: Rat, Monkey, Rooster (I must stay away from Dog, Cow, Rabbit and Dragon).

– South and East locations are best for me (to live in or buy property). He said I would do well to buy property in China or India, not in America or Mexico (I think he also sells real estate, in China).

– Summer is the best season for me. Fall is OK, but Spring and Winter are no good.

– My lifeline goes until about 90 years of age (yay).

– My best years will be when I’m 41-50 years old.

– Good elements for me are: Soil, Gold and Fire.

– Bad elements for me are: Water and Wood (which I like both of, so I was bummed).

What does all this mean? Who knows, it was ten minutes of entertainment. Am I changing my life and hunting for someone born in the year of the Monkey, Rat or Rooster? No, not yet, I have until 2013…ha!

Have you ever had your fortune read? Tell me about it…

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