1205-brainCareer Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love by  Jonathan Fields came out in 2009, and yes I ‘m just now reading it. I found it quite enlightening so I wanted to share it with you, my faithful readers. The title kinda says it all. This book is all about finding your passion (which may  sound familiar) and taking steps to making a living at it. Novel idea, right? Do what you love and you can ‘t fail we ‘ve heard it before. Or have we really  heardit?

Jonathan Fields provides inspiration for anyone remotely unhappy with what they do for a living. One of the things that really spoke to me was his recommendation to leverage  social media (a personal passion of mine) to make your dreams a reality. Although much of   the social media advice is a tad bit outdated (since it was written in 2009), you can still get the basic understanding. I encourage you to do plenty of  your own  research  online to get up to speed.   This book isn ‘t necessarily about quitting your job and buying an old  Volkswagen  van to sell beaded necklaces out on the open road (unless that ‘s your dream).  Career Renegade speaks to anyone with an ambitious bone in their body. Love your career, but you feel like you ‘re in a rut? Read this book. Maybe your current job is slowly killing you. Read this book.

Since it ‘s a few years old, there are already TONS of great reviews and in the spirit of   recycling  , I have linked two of the best (in my opinion) below I encourage you to check them out AND read this book!

Review on  Lifehack.org:

What ‘s a Career Renegade?

A career renegade is someone who takes charge of his or her career and makes it work to fulfill their own passions. That may mean starting your own business, as Jonathan has done several times    but it doesn ‘t have to mean that. It could mean switching careers and going to work for a different company, or it could mean reshaping your attitude towards the job you already have    whatever it takes to transform your work life into a meaningful career    one that won ‘t eat you up from the inside out. (read more)

Review on  Zen Habits:

Become a Career Renegade: Interview with Career Expert Jonathan Fields

Leo: On the book ‘s web page, you say that   Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow   Is A Scam   can you explain this? It seems to go against what most of us believe.

Jonathan: If your passion happens to lie in some field with a clear path to a great income, like law, plastic surgery or programming, you may be one of the lucky few who can make a great living doing what you love by simply following the mainstream path.

But, what if you love teaching, painting, making music, writing, knitting, playing video games or just plain hanging out and having great conversations? Then what? Will the money really just automatically follow if you try to turn those into your living? Doubtful, no matter how good a gamer, knitter or talker you are.

No doubt, there ‘s a lot of simplifying you can do to live a lot better on less. Your book does an amazing job of laying out that process. But, what if you do all that and it ‘s still not enough? It ‘s not easy to support a family of four in a major city on a teacher ‘s salary, no matter how much you streamline your life.

So, if there ‘s no   mainstream   way to make enough money to live well in the world with your passion, conventional wisdom says either turn it into a hobby or accept that you ‘ll have to either sacrifice money for passion or passion for money.

Career Renegade is all about breaking the binds of conventional wisdom, doing what you love, then   making   the money follow.

(read more)


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