eventsEvent:   the fundamental entity of observed physical reality represented by a point designated by three coordinates of place and one of time in the space-time continuum postulated by the theory of relativity.

Wow. Can you believe that’s really one of the definitions for the word event? I have no idea what it means, guess I wanted to get your attention. Remember, KEEP IT SIMPLE    try this definition out for size:

Event: a noteworthy happening; a social occasion or activity.

Why all this talk about events? Because I think it’s time you consider dipping your toes in the water of life by sharing your passion with others. We’ve done all this work to get your brain wheels turning, ready to show the world what you have to offer? Don’t get too nervous. An event doesn’t have to be an “event” like the Grammy Awards  (maybe one day, baby steps young grasshopper).

tea_party_around_table_clip_art-295x216Feel any better? Good. The event I want you to consider could be a small dinner party with supportive friends you decide to read your poetry to. It could be coffee with your best friend in which you share you latest sketches. Or, if you feel up to it, you could go big and rent a gallery for all your sculptures. See where I’m going? You can have a dinner party and announce your new blog about libraries and what they mean to you.

Make a Plan

Plan a tea party with your best girlfriends and tell them your dream to change your career to teaching. Maybe your   event   is a mass email to all family and friends telling them your aspirations to return to school to become a doctor. You can go big or small, the key is to make it a noteworthy happening    for YOU. How long have you buried your passion? My guess is long enough. Most likely there is some fear, this is normal. Take a look at it.

The fear is there for a reason, maybe to protect you from criticism? Well, nobody wants to be criticized or made fun of, right? That’s natural. Overcome it. You can do it. Sure, the fear is there to protect you, but not like “don’t grab the hot stove” kind of fear. This fear is imaginary. Like most fears, it hasn’t happened. Your passion needs to be expressed. It’s been locked away too long. You have to dig for the faith that what you were meant to do on this earth is what you’re passionate about, in some capacity. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a career change.

Take Risks

The point of an event is to take a risk to get yourself out there. Share your passion. A pitfall for many creatives is the hermit mentality (myself included). It’s much easier to be alone, right? To hold it all in, not let anyone else get the opportunity to judge you. How incredibly selfish is that? You have no idea how much your passion could enlighten someone else. Take a risk, put it out to the universe and see what happens!

Assignment: Passion Event Plan

  1. Choose a venue
  2. Create a guest list
  3. Write a (loose) script of how you plan to share your passion

Tell us how it goes!


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