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Having a dog park nearby is helpful. I’m going to try and get a dog park in Miracle Mile (Los Angeles) very soon!

Dog Park – How To start

American Kennel Club – Establishing a Dog Park in your Community: “With cities becoming more and more crowded and leash laws becoming more restrictive, many concerned dog owners are looking to the creation of dog parks as a solution to their need for a place to spend quality time with their pets. But just what is a ‘dog park’ and what benefits can one bring to your city or town?”

A dog park is a public park, typically fenced, where people and their dogs can play together. Similarly, a dog run is a smaller fenced area, created for the same use, that is often located within an existing park. As the names imply, these places offer dogs off-leash play areas where their owners can enjoy a park-like setting and the chance to socialize with other canines and their owners. Dog parks, which are sometimes managed by park users in conjunction with city or town officials, are being established all over the country and offer a wealth of benefits to dogs, dog owners and the community as a whole.

dog parkThe First Steps

Start with a core group of committed dog park activists.
Hold a public meeting.
Educate your fellow dog owners on the need to be responsible.
Write a clear mission statement that details the need and purpose of the park, stressing the benefits to dog owners, their canine companions, and the greater community.
Choose a site.
Create a budget.
Solicit the input and seek the approval of significant organizations in your community.


dog parkOK, you’ve gathered your resources. Where do you go from here?

Create a proposal.

Demonstrate need.

Demonstrate support.

Get to know local officials – your city council members and the director of your department of parks and recreation.

When you’re ready, request a hearing with city government to discuss your proposal. Have two or three carefully selected, knowledgeable and articulate members of your group present your plan, clearly expressing its many benefits to the community and calmly addressing any concerns.

Be patient and flexible. Dealing with city government is rarely a quick process, but don’t give up! Follow through with continued letters and e-mails, and be willing to work toward compromise.

img_1293The Ideal Dog Park Should Include

One acre or more of land surrounded by a four- to six-foot high chain-link fence. Preferably, the fence should be equipped with a double-gated entry to keep dogs from escaping and to facilitate wheelchair access.

  • Cleaning supplies, including covered garbage cans, waste bags, and pooperscooper stations.
  • Shade and water for both dogs and owners, along with benches and tables.
  • A safe, accessible location with adequate drainage and a grassy area that is mowed routinely.
  • If space allows, it is preferable to provide separate areas for small and large dogs. This will enable large dog owners to allow their pets to run more freely, while protecting smaller dogs who may not be suited to the enthusiastic play of larger breeds.
  • Signs that specify park hours and rules.
  • Parking close to the site.

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