Canine acceptance does occur. Wanted to share a historical moment in Darwin Dog history: Eli has (reluctantly) allowed Aubry up on the bed. In true Aubry fashion, he has take over (in his fun playful puppy way). What can I say? Aubry is an alpha living in a beta world. Eli is my silent alpha. He never asked for this, but its the role he must play (according to some dog trainers, not sure I’m convinced yet). I feel the relationship is more fluid than alpha beta pecking order. It’s a give and take.

The Situation

Eli is a bit of a circulating sleeper so I don’t feel too bad about this bed situation. One minute he’s on the bed, the next he’s down in his doggy bed or on the couch or in the dining room. Aubry tends to pick a place and pass out in a little red fur ball.

Eli usually sleeps at my feet in bed, but he’s gone when I wake up. Little Aubry slept in a ball next to me all night, which was nice (although my allergy doc would disagree). Eli tends to sprawl out in the middle, then he gets mad if I move. Showing his protest with a sharp glare and jumping off the bed and marching off to the living room. It’s an ongoing cycle for us. Yeah, he can be a diva (we are so similar).

The Resolve

We’ll see how this goes. I feel I may be out a bed at this point. At least Aubry is easier to move, he is up to 23 lbs from the 16 lbs when I adopted him. He’s gotten taller too, I think he will be the same size as Eli, just more lean.

My solid boy Eli fluctuates in weight (like me, and Oprah) between 28 – 32 lbs. We’re hoping to stay around 28 lbs soon, as I’m trying to get my 175 lbs figure back down to it’s rightful 165 lbs! I may try the Abs Diet, it looks like the Body for Life plan I did years ago that worked well for me…I feel another post coming on this issue 🙂


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  1. I sleep sprawled in the middle of my people. Sideways to take up more room. There’s also at least one cat in the bed too.

    Nubbin wiggles,

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