creative_foodBrain food? How many of you truly enjoy the food you eat on a daily basis? Did you know the foods you eat help feed your brain too? Makes sense. Sure, we all have our favorite foods and special restaurants we enjoy where we make a point to savor what we consume. Why to we condense it to these short lived moments? We hit our favorite Crepe Bar as we drive through Visalia, CA. We can’t wait to get ice cream at the out of the way shop in the Denver airport. If we had what we loved all the time, then they wouldn’t really be treats, right?

What do the flavors we enjoy do to our brain? How does this enhance or not enhance our own creativity? Are there foods to induce creativity? Some thinks so. Eat healthy, duh. We’ve heard it over and over. But that bad food is sooo good! Everything in moderation. To say I will never have another Krispy Creme donut is blasphemy! Moderation is key.

Take a look at these (not so surprising) foods to power your creativity:

  • Good carbs – whole grain foods
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids  – oily fish and nuts are great resources
  • Antioxidants  with vitamins C, E and beta carotene
  • Blueberries –  Blueberries contain plenty of anthocyanins   antioxidants that strengthen neurons in the areas of your brain associated with learning and memory
  • Less sugar – cut back on daily sugar so you can use it when you REALLY need that creative burst of energy

Do you savor your creativity like a good meal? Are the foods your eating feeding your creativity?

Challenge/Assignment:  Create a food journal for one week

– List every meal for 7 days

– List out the good, bad and ugly

– Make necessary changes if needed (for your mind and waistline)

Let us know how you do!



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