Are you developing a dog rescue organization in your area? Hopefully this guide will help you get started. After more than five months of painstaking research, the first draft of the Road to Rescue Best Practices Manual is nearing completion.

The hope for this manual is that it will not only guide new and developing animal rescues to save the most lives possible but that it will eventually serve as the basis for an Up For Pups rescue financial assistance program.

The nation’s largest pet adoption database,, showcases well over 10,000 “adoption groups” listing hundreds of thousands of adoptable animals at any given time. Many of these groups are private animal rescue organizations operated out of someone’s home with a network of transport and foster volunteers to support the immense number of animals taken in each year. Despite the fact that this industry is obviously sizable and growing, it is virtually unregulated without even a best practices handbook for rescues to reference.


About Up for Pups

Up For Pups, a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization, has set out to develop an indispensable manual that will serve as a guide for established and developing private rescue organizations, helping them to work most effectively. The goal is that this manual will help rescues save the most lives, spend the least money, and ensure a good experience for all volunteers involved.

*Manuals and standards are available for shelters, but “rescues” generally run very differently from shelters and cannot necessarily follow similar practices.

The final version of this manual will be available within a month. If you work with a rescue and would like to offer some links to your pertinent documents for others to check out or would like to discuss areas where you different from what we have printed or feel we should augment the information, please write a post below. We need your feedback before July 28th.

Get a sneak peak of the preliminary version of the best practices manual here.

Because Up For Pups’ main mission is to support the important work performed by animal rescue organizations, we will be offering the final version of this manual online for free…donations welcome!!

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