Dog adoption update! Where do I begin? I agreed to foster a young cocker spaniel back in January, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to adopt after my dog Timmy passed away in November. A nice couple found the dog roaming in a river basin, limping but still full of energy. They cleaned him up, got him his shots, but had several cats which this young dog enjoyed terrorizing.

The Introduction

The dog rescue I was working with, Cocker Connection, told me they had not met the dog yet but it sounded like he was about 3 years old and white (although cocker spaniels usually don’t come in white). I was shying away from light colors, since my last dog was tan.
So they brought the dog over, he was very handsome and right away I could tell he had a great personality. He did seem younger than 3 yrs old though. I like to say I “fostered” him for about 15 minutes…then there was no way I would give him up. I named him Eli, pronounced EE-lye. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “high”, which describes exactly where my dog fits on my list of priorities.


Getting to know each other

I quickly learned Eli was most likely around 1 yrs old, potty trained and knew how to sit. He liked to chew, but nothing too destructive. Keeping him tired has been my best strategy at keeping him ‘out of trouble’. We go on several long walks a day and he goes to doggy daycare at least once a week, which I highly recommend if you work a 9-5 job and can’t take your dog to the dog park for hours on end. Doggy daycare has taught him so much, and he comes back really pooped.


Eli loves the beach, Runyon Canyon, NPR and he is obsessed with tennis balls. I spoil him, which really shows when people come over to visit and he doesn’t listen to a word I say, just looks at me and laughs with his eyes.
We have a great time together, I couldn’t have asked for a greater pal…more to come…


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