FotoSketcher - eli - aubryI may or may not have had an animal communicator talk with my two dogs…ok, yes I had an animal communicator talk with my two dogs. Was it a psychic reading? Nope, more like a telepathic conversation. Hmm…psychic reading maybe sounds cooler. Technically, telepathy is sensing the thoughts, feelings and pictures that are formulated in the mind before the words are spoken. The prefix “tele” means over a distance (ex. telephone, television) and the suffix “pathy” means feelings (ex. empathy, sympathy). So literally, “telepathy” refers to feelings over a distance. Since animals don’t verbalize, but they do have thoughts and feelings, telepathy is a great way to communicate with them directly. Why do I think my dogs are telepathic? I believe, like many others, that animals rely on their sixth sense. They can often sense disaster before it strikes. Most people who live with animals have observed their ability to sense what is going on around them. Animals can read our thoughts and feelings, and with practice we can also read their thoughts and feelings. This is what animal communicators do when they “talk” to your pets.

Anyway, I may or may not have gotten the recommendation from my psychic (go ahead, judge me…I’m officially an Angeleno now) for Marty Meyer, the animal communicator. She has a book I’d like to read called “Same Dog Twice” for animal lovers who feel a spiritual connection to their animal friends. Written in a narrative nonfiction style, it will appeal to those who want to deepen their understanding of their canine companion, or those who suspect that the communication that takes place between them and their animal is indeed real. The idea that an animal’s spirit can transcend death and return in new form is discussed at length. Yes, Marty claims to have the ability to communicate with animals, telepathically. After she had a session with my two boys, I believe she has this ability.  Why? Well, she only knew little about my dogs (age, color, location, size) and was able to give me a clear description of their personality. She had engaging conversations with both of them…and here’s how it went:

Eli, the Old Soul…

Marty: Eli’s not demanding and loves the connection he has with you.  He’s smart and sensitive (much more emotional than Aubry). He loves you very much and is much more easy going than Aubry. He does want more quiet time with you.

Before he came to live with you, he was adopted by a family with two small kids and they didn’t have time for him. He was left alone in a yard, not physically abused but not given much attention. The man in the house yelled a lot and was angry. He is much happier with me. He feels strongly that he should be with me, we are meant to be together. He has a strong memory that we lived together in a past life, he was my sheep dog. I was a sheep herder and he helped me care for all my sheep…he helped me a lot and enjoyed it very much. He wanted to let me know that he is happy now being a pet instead of a working dog. Here is how their conversation went…

What do you think of your little brother Aubry? Are you jealous? Do you like him as a playmate?

I feel Aubry is a good dog and gives me respect, but I am jealous of him, but we’re friends. We get along, I just feel he can be pushy and annoying, but I do enjoy playing more now that he’s around.

I could go either way with Aubry, I think things were just fine before he came and I never asked for or needed a companion, although now that I have one, I like a companion to play with sometimes (just not as much as Aubry wants to play). I have a positive feeling about Aubry, I don’t seriously dislike him in any way. I do feel Aubry is the “dog” and I’m like a human buddy. Aubry is the pet, not me. I want to be equal to Dad, not Aubry. The house was more human before Aubry came along – now it’s more dog – I’m more human than Aubry

FotoSketcher - Eli 2010Are you happy where you go to boarding when I travel?

I get apprehensive about going because I miss Dad a lot – but I know he’ll come back and the people there are nice to me.

Why do you hate cats so much?

When I was a puppy, cats would walk along a fence in the yard I was in and tease me. I hate cats and I always will.

Why do you pull on the leash so much?

Sorry I pull on the leash so much, I just can’t wait to get to the next place and look for new animals – going on walks to new places is my favorite thing to do.

Do you like the doggy daycare?

I am just OK with doggy daycare, but would rather be home where it’s calm.

Do you ever mind being left alone?

I get a little bummed at first, but then I don’t mind being left alone (knows it won’t last).

Is there anything that would make you happier?

I don’t like it when Dad raises his voice, its mainly at Aubry but it still upsets me. It reminds me of the man who was always angry and yelling in my first home. Give Aubry timeouts, they are what he leanrs most from, he doesn’t care if you yell at him, he thinks it’s a game.

How does your back feel?

I have some dull pain in his lower back, right side, would like it gently massaged. Its not too bad. (keep giving him glucosamine supplement)

Do you think you are in charge?

I know I’m really loved and I feel I am #1, since I’ve been here longer and have a deep connection to Dad.

Do you like your name?

Yes, I like my name and feel it’s the right one for me.

Any final thoughts?

I wanted to tell him I love him very much and knows I’m busy and have to work a lot but I know I will always be back. I’m very happy and I know how important I am to him.

Aubry…the FREE Spirit!

FotoSketcher - AubryAubry is extremely happy go lucky, a bit of an opportunist and very perceptive. Before he found you, he lived with a family (spoke a foreign language) who had no time for him and he wanted to be “more important” so he escaped from the yard. Someone left a gate open – it was a crappy yard and a crappy house – he knew something better was out there for him. He’s very happy he found a nice dad with a nice yard. He has a short attention span (puppy) – needs to be entertained a lot. He knows he has a good life – he loves to play tug – he loves getting lots of attention. Aubry is a new soul, at least new to me – he has no recollection of a past life like Eli does. He feels I spend a lot of time with him and Eli when I can – lots to entertain us – he feels very loved. He feels strongly that I’m supposed to be his dad and that this is the right place for him – the bond will continue to grow. He feels we are connected and I need to depend on him more. He loves that I give him freedom and that I let him in the house. He said that I fostered him and wasn’t sure about keeping him – but he tried to talk me into keeping him and he’s glad it worked! Here is how their conversation went…

Do you like your big brother Eli?

I like Eli and I’m happy I have a dog friend with me all the time. I wish he would play more.  I know I pester him, I just feel strongly that I must be where he is at all times! I’m not jealous of Eli and I accept the bond they (Eli and Chad) have. I really like Eli and we get lots of attention when we go out together.

What do you like the most?

I love freedom and I have lots here – I’m so excited I’m allowed in the house! I love to chew on stuff. Sorry I chew on wood, it’s a bad habit…all I had to chew on when I was a puppy teething was a wood gate and fence. It’s just a bad habit. I like boarding and doggy daycare much more than Eli –it’s so exciting and I love the chaos!  Playing with other dogs is my favorite thing. I love walks and LOVE playing with other dogs – I love to RUN free!

What’s your favorite toy?


What do you dislike the most?

I don’t like being brushed because my hair is fine and it hurts when it gets brushed. I haven’t had a traumatic grooming experience or anything, I just hate it because it hurts (no phobia). I also don’t like all dogs, most dogs, but not all. Some dogs are bad and I know they can beat me up and I don’t like them, I steer clear of them.

Do you mind being left alone?

Yes, I mind. I don’t like it but I put up with it. I’m rarely alone anyway but I’m learning to put up with it and be more patient.

Do you think you’re in charge?

Nope, I’m not in charge yet. I’m thinking about it – still figuring things out.

Do you have any memories of a past life…maybe one with Chad, like Eli does?

Huh? No. What’s that? What are you talking about?

Do you want to sleep in the bed?

Yes, and I do when he’s not home!

Do you like your name?

Yes, now that I know what it is. I’m proud of it and I know it’s the right one for me.  

Anything you want Chad to know?

I really love him – he lets me have fun and be a dog! I would like more attention – I get bored – Eli only plays a little then he just waits around for you to get home – it’s boring sometimes.  I want him to know that I would never run away from him, he can trust me and depend on me. I feel good in my body and I’ve grown a lot since I came to live with you – I love the food, it’s really good!

My final thoughts and next steps…

I enjoyed the reading and feel I have even more insight into my dogs minds. Much of what I learned was really a confirmation of what I suspected. The fact that Marty only new the age, color of coat and location of the dogs but could nail their personalities amazes me. Think what you want skeptics!  I admit, I was surprised Eli didn’t mention tennis balls, as he seems to be obsessed. Although it was just one conversation.

I also thought Aubry’s thoughts were that of a puppy and a reading in a year or so may be much different. Eli and Aubry, about three years apart, are like putting an elementary school kid with a middle aged person and expecting them to play and have a good time all the time. They have fun together, but it’s clear Eli is on a higher plane, at this time. Although I feel I know what’s going on in their minds a bit better now, I can’t forget they are still dogs and will always enjoy dog things. Does it smell rotten? Yum! I do think their bond will continue to grow as time goes on, they will begin to depend more on each other. I plan to get them out to do things together and work as a team. Both dogs are smart and eager to learn, I need to check out Zoom Room up the street, it’s a dog agility training place…we’ll keep you posted!

SDT_BookMore about Marty Meyer, Telepathic Animal Communicator

Marty lives in Independence, California with her animal family: JJ, Oats and Barley the Dogs, Melody the Cat, and Tuna the Horse. She has a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Miami, and has 14 years of experience working as a marine biologist.

An animal lover all of her life, Marty Meyer became fascinated with animal communication in 1991. To further develop her natural ability, she attended classes and seminars by several animal communicators, as well as studying other mind enhancement techniques, including meditation, hypnotherapy and thetahealing. After years of study and practice, she began consulting professionally, and offers both private consultations and workshops. Her work has been recognized, and she has been interviewed on the television programs “Out of the Blue” and “Animal Planet”.

Marty does most of her animal communication long distance, and clients call her from all over the US. She works with all species of animals, receiving information to assist them and their human friends. Marty also offers workshops in telepathic animal communication, and greatly enjoys helping others discover how to relate to their pets on a deeper level.


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