Research: The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions (N). To investigate systematically (V).

Let’s go with the verb. To investigate systematically. What is research and why is it necessary for your life? OK, I’m an admitted research nerd. I started my career as a researcher and find it vital to everything I do in my life. Do I always do the proper research in all aspects of my life? Heck no! I’m human and I love instant gratification, research doesn’t always fit in the picture (but I’m working on it). Research doesn’t have to be boring. The Internet is an amazing tool at your fingertips, there isn’t much I can think of that you can’t find online (mostly for free). We live in a Google/Facebook age, no one is safe! This can be a short and sweet exercise. Don’t get too caught up in it.


The reason research is so important is this: too many people don’t take action on their true passion in life due to lack of research. Why? Many simply don’t know how much is really possible. Researching can change that and open your mind to the possibilities. You love dance but think you’ll never be able to afford lessons. Look online for a free lessons or a local community dance class (both exist). Are animals are your passion? Have you looked into animal rescue volunteer opportunities or an internship at the local zoo? Do you love kids and want to be a mentor? Have you looked into Big Brothers/Big Sisters to see how easy it is to get involved? You get my drift (simple stuff). Maybe you’re a jock accountant who secretly loves fashion and especially hairstyling? Afraid of what people may think? Research those beauty schools anyway! Wanna go to the moon? NASA has a website. Perhaps you’re a princess who loves to shop and get manicures but secretly wants to fix a carburetor? You know who you are! I challenge you to learn more about your true passion.


Research your passion. Dedicate at least one hour, go online, check the newspaper…do what you need to do. Gather at least 1-2 pages of information. Save what you find, you’ll need it for the next assignment…

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Research Nerd

  1. Curious timing Chad. I’m at a point in my life where I am looking around for what to do in my second chapter. I just re-booted my personal blog to help me figure it out.

    The idea of researching it like a project is interesting. I’ll be following along.


    1. Great to hear, Pam! Hope I can share some insight as well…stay tuned. I learned a lot in The Artist Way, its a great book and there are tons of workshops too – you should check it out…

  2. Father Darwin,
    I cant see your face so I’m not quite sure if your pulling my leg about being a ‘manicure princess’, thought that was still secret.

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