big-unorganized-messClutter:  a confusing or disorderly state or collection, and possible symptom of  compulsive hoarding

Do you treat clutter like a riddle? Confused at how it can pile up so fast? Our home, office, garage, treehouse, studio or any space we could enjoy more    if only we had more space! Guess what? You do have more space! Well, you would have more space if you get rid of some of that darn clutter! Clutter happens. Cleaning clutter (for me) has also become a huge form of  procrastination. My weekends get filled with   cleaning   clutter that has accumulated throughout the week. Clutter I could have been getting rid of little by little each day. Same goes for files on my computer, emails in my inbox, etc. I know all about decluttering and how useful it can be to bring positive energy into a space (feng-shui if you will)    but I still let it get the best of me.

Which is why I’m sharing this post from Zen Habits telling the inspiring story of two clutterbugs and how they’re fighting back. Take a gander at some helpful reminders/tips I learned from the post:

  • Decluttering is tightly linked to reduced shopping and saving money
  • Decluttering makes you more creative
  • De-cluttering makes cleaning so much easier and fun
  • You need to be ready for it doing it together helps
  • Set ground rules  and  goals
  • Things will get messier before it gets better get ready to deal with emotional issues
  • Taking “before” pictures.
  • Every thing needs a “home”  focus on clearing one area at a time.
  • Make conscious decisions, identify the the “why”
  • Share the ideas with others  and be kind with yourself

Tell us how will you declutter your world today?

  “The more you have, the more you are occupied.   The less you have, the more free you are.”    

– Mother Teresa

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