10860857_780132702055413_4964573435350580356_oI had a recent check-in with my dogs, Eli and Aubry. What’s a check-in mean exactly? Well, I had my animal communicator talk with them, to see how they’re doing, of course. Animal communicator? What the heck is that and why do you have one? First things first – as you may remember from my previous post on this very topic, an animal communicator isn’t a ‘psychic’ (although there are pet psychics). An animal communicator is someone with the ability to connect with animals and, well, communicate with them. Mine is named Marty Meyer and she is wonderful. I have used her for years.

Yes I was skeptical at first, but she is spot on with their personalities and little quirks that nobody but me would know about. She’s also never met them or seen them. We do it all by phone. I know what you’re thinking, go ahead and think it. I love using Marty and her abilities to find out what’s going on with my two favorite guys. I mean, they can’t speak to me so I can only know so much about them. Marty is able to connect with them on another level. She communicates with them through feelings and images, not actual speaking (because dogs can’t speak like humans, duh). Anyway, I could go on and on, but I’d rather share the update. Spoiler alter, my two little princes are happy campers and love me very much (it’s always nice to have more validation – as if the greeting I get upon each homecoming from work weren’t enough).

Eli says:

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.35.18 PMHe tries to be a good dog all the time and feels he is very dependable
  • He loves the new house and yard
  • The yard is really nice and has shady spots he likes to lay in
  • He feels like I am happier in the new house
  • His back does ache sometimes but its an old injury he got while playing – its old news
  • He loves his walks and would like to be off-leash – he feels strongly he could be trusted off-leash (sorry buddy, ain’t gonna happen)
  • He has lots of enthusiasm about going on walks (a good sign his back doesn’t bother him that much)
  • He likes walks more than Aubry (truth)
  • He likes that I’m home more and don’t have to travel as much (I actually travel more but now keep them home with a pet sitter instead of boarding – sounds like he likes that)
  • Overall he is very healthy and happy and feels I am devoted to him and Aubry – he appreciates the love he receives
  • He would like longer daily walks but understands sometimes it can’t happen
  • He is very perceptive and picks up on energy easily

Aubry says:

  • 12592468_946569945411687_1523102338129429176_nComes across as a puppy who just wants to play
  • Loves to play and loves his toys – he would like more new toys
  • His paws do itch – they started when we moved – he did not like the move, it stressed him out – he was abandoned before I adopted him and moving brought back those memories
  • He loves the yard and doggy door he can go in and out lots of times through the day
  • He knows I will always take care of him
  • He has sensitivity on the lower left side of his mouth (planning to have vet take a closer look)
  • He likes the walks, but just to smell things, not walking long distances
  • He gets very happy when I come home
  • He is happy we don’t encounter many big dogs on our walks – seemed nervous about big dogs
  • He does not like grooming or baths at all – he feels he looks good in his ‘natural state’
  • He loves me and loves and admires Eli a great deal, he thinks Eli is really smart and feels bad when they don’t get along sometimes because its usually his fault for being selfish

Have you ever used an animal communicator? Tell us about it.

To learn more about Marty, check out her book called, “Same Dog Twice” and her website.


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  1. We had a reading with Presron once and she said Preston is the first dog she had read that thought in full words and he knows he is a big deal and a lot of people like him. He thinks he is a big dog too. He also said he didn’t like doing obedience rally classes(which is so true…we stop taking him after the reading) and Elvis our other dog annoys him because he isn’t smart and is slow to pick up on things.

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