I became familiar with this phrase while recently reading Jonathan Fields two books, Career Renegade and Uncertainty. I find it quite powerful because it’s so lost on many of us today. We get caught up in the paycheck, pride, security, etc. Why else would so many people be unhappy with their current job situation? Nothing revolutionary here, but I feel it bares repeating. Repetition is how we humans learn best.

FotoSketcher - Aubry SB BeachI do what I want

My dog Aubry can’t not chase birds. If a bird is overhead, he’s looking up. It’s his instinct, which is why he’s on a leash unless we are in a safely enclosed environment. We all have instincts which really drive our passions. Public relations and animal rescue are two things I can’t   not   do. I love to educate people and I feel PR is an excellent way to do this. It’s just instinct for me. I would do (and actually I do) these things for free, confirming I’m passionate as hell  about these things. Would you do it for free? That’s a good indicator for us (the little capitalists that we are).

If your passionate about making art from bottle caps and your critic pops up, tell him to go take a nap. Remember, finding your passion doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job. Your passion in life may not be a money maker, and that is a-ok. The most important thing is that you take action and share your talents with the world, whether you make money or not. I know, easier said than done, but just give it a try. What do you have to lose?

In the vein of keeping it simple, I came across this great blog post from life coach and career counselor Bev Barnes. The coolest part of the post is a free  downloadable  worksheet to help you figure out what you   can’t not do  . I urge you to read this and share it with anyone who may need a little   passion  jump start   in their life…

What You Can’t NOT Do!


What is it, that you can’t NOT do?

Yes there is a double negative.

What you can’t  not  do, is something that even when you try really hard not to, you do it anyway.

It is something that is so natural for you, that you don’t really notice that you do it.

The thing that you can’t not do sits squarely in your blind spot.   It is what other people see about you, but you can’t see about yourself.

It is something that is so natural for you, that you believe that everyone else does it too.

But everyone doesn’t do it.

You do.

Because you can’t NOT do it.

Here are some examples:

  • Sheila can’t not teach (even when she is not the teacher).
  • Gloria can’t not lead (even when she is not the assigned leader).
  • Judith can’t not create (even when it’s not her job).
  • I can’t not help people to heal from emotional pain (even when I’m not paid to do it).

What about you?

Download this week’s  worksheet  and figure out what you can’t not do.

Hope you enjoyed –  please consider sharing this post with others and telling us what it is you can’t NOT do in the comment section below…



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