Seminyak, Bali
Villa in Seminyak, Bali

Time to relax. We headed to Seminyak Beach for our final week. It was much more our speed. It’s funny, several people we met in Ubud didn’t understand why we would go to Seminyak after Ubud. I guess they felt it was like going to Cabo after a meditation retreat. Not quite. Yes, Seminyak and Kuta Beach are kind of the Cabo for Australians, but we liked it.

Our villa (Heaven on Earth) was just right, AirBnB delivered again. Another two bedroom, two bath (no outdoor bath this time). Our own private swimming pool was practically in the living room. Great place to lounge. Great location, a short walk to the beach one way or to the busy shopping district the other way. Short cab ride to more beaches, shops and restaurants. Our first night was my birthday, we went to a fancy sushi spot called Starfish Bloo in The W Hotel on the beach. It did not disappoint, table practically on the beach, great food with a view. Check.

Stuff to Do

One day we hopped in a cab to Nusa Dua, the ritzy beach filled with luxury hotels. I read online you could pay the equivalent of $12 USD for a day pass at most of these places, giving you pool and beach access. We arrived at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental (which just turned into a Hilton last month) perched on cliffs overlooking a breathtaking deep blue Indian Ocean. The beach and pool were nice, but felt like Miami, Hawaii or the Caribbean. These resorts are secluded from the real Bali. Although it was gorgeous, I was glad we weren’t staying here – the flight was too long to not experience a truly different culture.

TIP: MakE Memories

One of the highlights of our trip was meeting a fellow traveler named Nick. Meeting people while traveling can be pretty cool. I still have a few good friends from my 2015 trip to Peru. I feel so…continental? Anyway, Nick and I both work in marketing and had similar politics and interests – needless to say we had a lot to talk about. We became the three amigos that day, Nick, Andrea and I. Lounging at the beach, entertaining ourselves with the hawkers selling kites and sarongs. He encouraged us to go see the sunset at a nearby temple called Tanah Lot, famous for its sunsets.

Another crazy cab ride ensued. This time our driver was a tall thin boisterous man from China. He liked to laugh, curse and drive FAST, like he was in a video game. He was a good guy though, he kindly waited for us while we did our sunset temple tourist thing. Tanah Lot did not disappoint. I got some great pictures, but they don’t even do the place justice. Nick and Andrea got some kind of blessing and saw a holy sea snake. We finished the night with a simple dinner at an outdoor steakhouse. It was pretty western as in American/Australian. Then it was over, Nick was off to Ubud the next day so we said our goodbyes. But thanks to social media and the tumultuous politics of our countries, we still stay in touch.

Seminyak Photos


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To be continued…up next: Bali Basics & Tips


4 thoughts on “Bali Part 4: Seminyak Beach – Nusa Dua – Tanah Lot Temple

  1. Thank you soooo much for sharing your adventures! I know I will never get to Bali, but your journal made me feel like I was there and the photos were beautiful. Nice thing about being able to use the internet to experience your journey is that I can be in Mississippi and visit Bali without leaving my desk. Joy.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, I enjoy sharing my experiences. Bali is a wonderful place – the airfare can be pricey but once you get there everything is very affordable and the people are so nice and welcoming. You never know, maybe one day you will be able to make it there! Until then, I’ll keep sharing my experiences – thanks again for reading my blog. Best wishes.

    2. You can make it there – keep it as a strong intention and the universe will make it happen!

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