Bali TemplesOne of our days in Ubud was spent touring various temples and our guide was a real-life Balinese princess. Cok Ratih was a gracious host. She told us a lot about Balinese culture, Hinduism, the royal family and caste system. We spent the most time at a temple called Pura Tirta Empul (water temple). I had seen pictures of people in sarongs going into the pools of water and dipping their heads under the various fountains, some kind of cleansing ritual.

The Experience Begins

I didn’t know if I would actually do it myself, until I found myself in my swim trunks wrapping a sarong around my waist. We were guided through a traditional ceremony, going under each fountain, taking slightly different actions under each. Washing our face two times under one, three under another. That kind of thing. I felt truly American during this process, as I was more concerned about how much the large river rocks were bruising the soles of my feet and if any cute Australians were looking at my shirtless body. I wasn’t present, but I went through the motions. I’m glad I did. Did I feel like a new man after? No. But I’m not sure that was the point. I’m always looking for a quick fix. The irony is my healing always seems to be delayed. The Universe doesn’t give me things quickly, which is probably a good thing.

Time Flies

As I said earlier, Ubud was a busy time for us. While we did some really healing things, it was pretty draining. I wanted a day to just do nothing, but that was not to be in Ubud. I don’t regret any of it. We ate amazing healthy food, took great pictures, visited beautiful sacred temples, had massages, did breathwork meditation (highly recommended), got an astrodharma horoscope reading on my birthday, visited monkeys in Monkey Forest, drank bitter tasting coffee made of beans pooped out by a ferret looking creature called a luwak (true story). I highly recommend Bali Soul Adventures and wouldn’t have changed a thing, Tom and his team were superb (especially if you want to do the healing stuff – it helps to work with people who know the landscape).

Will I Return?

Yes. However, when I go back to Bali, I’ll be sure to build in more free time. Temples are amazing but would have liked to space out my visits. Did I have a life-changing experience with all my healing work in Ubud? Yes and no. No I didn’t have some white light euphoric experience and decide to quit my corporate job and make beaded necklaces on the beach, which does sound kind of nice sometimes. I did grow as a person. Travel does that. It forces your mind to think in ways it usually doesn’t have to, whether your open to it or not. I came home and appreciated the life I have. My dogs, friends, family, job, home, car and my overall life routine.

Have you been on a dream trip? Do you have a dream trip planned?

To be continued…up next: Seminyak Beach

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