The screaming didn’t stop the whole week in Ubud, but Andrea was a good sport. She quickly accepted the fact that we were merely guests in the lizards home. Lizards and geckos are quite common in Bali. The screaming did continue. The villa was amazing (thank you AirBnB), really peaceful yet close to town, tucked away off a quaint village road to Monkey Forest, boasting two bedrooms, two indoor/outdoor bathrooms and a private swimming pool. Let’s talk about these indoor/outdoor bathrooms for a second. It sounds like a cool idea, and at first they are. Then you get up to pee at 3 a.m. and realize…you aren’t alone. Interesting sounds abound late at night. The mosquitos in Bali weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they’d be, but maybe that’s because I grew up in Florida. We also weren’t there during rainy season, but some of the blog posts I read made it sound like swarms attack you anytime you’re outdoors. Maybe we got lucky and had good repellant. Do some research before you go.

Ubud, Bali

Healing Ubud

Ubud wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t fall in love with it either. I’d read it changed a lot in the past ten years. I guess I imagined the beautiful hilly rice terraces would be seen everywhere, like in all the pictures you see if you Google “Ubud, Bali”. In fact, we never did see the famed rice terraces, apparently it’s about 20 minutes from Ubud and kind of a tourist “thing”. We didn’t have time for that. Our first week in Ubud was jam packed. Being the ambitious Americans we are, we wanted to get lots of ‘healing’ in.

Sedona Sidebar

Years before this trip to Bali, I went to Sedona, Arizona on a Soul Adventure. Yup, it’s true. I just ended a rather torturous job and my soul was in need of healing. I heard Sedona was a healing place, and just a quick plane ride away from Dallas. Google lead me to a company called Sedona Soul Adventures. They work with you to build out a personal itinerary to meet various healers, I highly recommend the service because they know all the best people.  All in a 2-3 day period, sign me up! I know, we were talking about Bali and now we’re in Sedona, we’ll get back there. While I was in Sedona I met with some pretty cool people. A psychotherapist shaman, Vedic (Hindu) Astrologist, sound healer, an empath artist and a few others I’m not sure how to designate? Intuitive healers, sure, that works. It was all very therapeutic – now I can see I wasn’t quite ready for some of it. Clarity can be a bitch.

I share this Sedona sidetrack because it also led me to Bali. Sedona Soul Adventures took yearly trips to Bali to do the same kind of thing. The timing never lined up for me, but when Bali became more of a reality for me, I made contact with Bali Soul Adventures. I booked a call with Tom so we could start on my itinerary….

Ubud, BaliTherapeutic Adventure begins

Like my Sedona experience, Tom talked to me for about an hour to get a feel for where I was in my life and what I wanted to achieve on this trip. From that, he set up a busy few days in Ubud for me to get my healing on. OK, maybe this was my Eat, Pray, Love moment. My friend Dre signed up as well, so we both had morning and afternoon sessions with various healers in Ubud that first week. Our first session was with a traditional Balinese healer called a Balian. Now this I did read up on, and I still didn’t know what to expect. From what I read online and saw in that now infamous Julia Roberts movie, I was either going to sit with a strange old man and have a confusing conversation or lay on a mat and get my feet poked with sticks. Neither happened. Well, maybe some did.

The Experience

Our healer was a kind middle-aged Balian who came to our villa. He had me lay on the floor, I closed my eyes and he went to work saying prayers in a language I couldn’t understand – no touching or poking. Towards the end he did touch the sole of my right foot and it was very tender, I flinched. He smiled and said, “ahh” and moved back up to my skull and chest to do more work – never really touching me – more like waving his hands right above me. He then went and touched the same spot and I didn’t feel a thing. I thought that was pretty cool. I did feel much lighter and calm. Afterwards he told me I was healthy, my heart was good. My only problem was in my head. “Your head always going going, slow down,” he said. This would become a common theme for me in Bali.

Have you been on a dream trip? Do you have a dream trip planned? Tell us about it!

To be continued…up next: Ubud temples and stuff

Ubud Photos

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