I recently went to Bali, Indonesia for 10 days. Amazing experience. Lots to share. Wanna know something weird? I couldn’t remember one single dream I had while in Bali…and I tried to remember them. Since I’ve been home I have had some pretty vivid dreams though. I won’t get into them here because, lets face it, dreams can be weird. Powerful symbolism sits in our dreams, any decent dream interpreter will tell you that. So why couldn’t I remember any of my dreams in Bali? Maybe it was the jet lag. Maybe the island simply stole my dreams. Why? I’ll never know.

Back to Real Life

Adjusting back to “western life” was exhausting. Bali was a place that allowed me to truly disconnect. I miss it, but happy to be home. I like the USA. I love my dogs and missed them while I was away. Good news is they had a blast while I was gone. I board them at a Doggy daycare so they can play all day. When I picked them up, it was as if only a few days had passed. Maybe that’s what it seemed like to them? It must be so nice to live in the moment. Dogs have a lot to teach us.

Bali Dreams
Ok kids, I’m off to dreamland…more to come soon!

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