Amantani Island - Lake Titicaca, Peru
Amantani Island – Lake Titicaca, Peru

We moved on to Amantani island next. This is not a floating island, but a fairly round hilly and rocky island home to about 800 Quechua speaking families. It’s a very picturesque place with hillside terrace farming with a few original structures and temples in higher areas. We had a nice lunch and watched the people play instruments and dance – then sell us textiles. I won’t lie, things were pricey and they got a little pushy, but I get it.

These indigenous people have fewer options to those in Lima selling the same stuff at cheaper prices. I bough a few items, probably paid too much but again felt like the purchases actually benefited the people and their livelihood. The most important crops in Amantani are Andean potatoes, bailey and green beans. Once married, it is custom for the women on the island to cut their hair and use it to weave a belt or waistband for their new husband.  By using it along with alpaca hair, it creates a beautiful and very strong belt that her husband will wear for the rest of his life.

So if you’re planning a trip to Peru – go to Lake Titicaca, you won’t regret it – beautiful people and sights.



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