Kailua Beach 015Every single day here is perfect. It’s been a few years since my visit, but at least that’s what I still imagine. Everywhere you look is a photograph. I’m glad we made this grand group of islands a state. A friend I met in Peru pointed out the fact that the United States is so diverse, you never really need to leave. We have it all. Well, I guess that depends who you ask. I think we have it all (but I still like the option of being able to leave). But I digress. Let us get back to these white sandy beaches in Hawaii.

Hawaii Diamond Head 013The water was various shades of blue.  It felt like I’d never seen these colors before. OK, I’m sure I had but maybe not in such large quantities. I’d love to take a month, rent a beach house and just BE here. Dogs ran free on the beach. People snorkeled in the surf. The smell of BBQ and exotic flowers were a constant. Yup, I was a spoiled American on vacation in Hawaii. I only went a few days and was just on the island of Oahu, which many Hawaii purists (or snobs) will say it’s not the real Hawaii since its so built up. Bologna, I say. It was Hawaii enough for me. That said, I want to visit the other islands one day. I need a good months vacation here. It’s good to want things. I bet AirBnB has some deals. Now to just get a month off work, hmmm. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but one day.

A hui hou kakou Hawaii…A hui hou kakou (until we meet again). 

Have you been to Hawaii? What were your thoughts?

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